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Let EnvirOptics partner with you to develop an in-process monitoring and production control system that has proven reliability. The integration of our instrumentation can help you improve your production yields, consistency, and reproducibility. Let us help you reduce production costs with our state-of-the-art equipment.

Hermetic Sealing Technology

EnvirOptic's hermetically sealed feedthroughs and packages use a wide array of tested and proven sealing technologies.

Electrical Feedthroughs that are sealed hermetically from the environment

EnvirOptics' electrical feedthroughs have proven real life performance for over 30 years in the harshest of environments, while maintaining a gas tight hermetic seal. When bringing electrical power or signal into a vacuum vessel or a pressure vessel containing corrosives, a proven track record of durability and reliability is crucial.


In-Process Monitoring, Analysis, and Control

EnvirOptics is an integrator of in-process instrumentation that can be used to analyze and monitor your process as well as control it. 

The EnviroCam is an in-process analysis system that allows for remote observation and monitoring of particle size, bubble size, pharmaceutical biologics, biomass, color changes, corrosion, and flow velocity in real time without disturbing the flow.

All of our temperature sensors, thermocouples, RTDs, and thermistors are available in liquid or gas tight hermetically and environmentally sealed housings, with a wide variety of housing materials.

EnvirOptics offers the widest selection of both window and flange housing materials, as well as viewport designs. We also offer integrated lighting for unobstructed viewing in pressure vessels, pipe lines, and vacuum chambers for combustible and other hazardous applications.

EnvirOptics offers a wide variety of optical devices and packages including borescopes, borescope shrouds, and gas and liquid cooled shrouds. Our protective shrouds greatly extend the operating temperatures, pressures and environmental conditions for sensitive optical devices. We also offers a wide variety of hermetically sealed optoelectronic packages for harsh environments.

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